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At Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your own skin, and that's why we offer a range of face treatments to enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled professionals provide a comprehensive consultation before deciding the treatment that's right for you. With our face lift treatment, you can achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Our skilled surgeons use the latest techniques to deliver natural-looking results with minimal downtime. We also offer dimple creation, which is a minimally invasive procedure that creates a subtle indentation on your cheeks to enhance your smile. Rhinoplasty is another popular facial treatment that we offer, which can improve the shape and size of your nose, helping you achieve a more balanced and symmetrical facial appearance. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and customized treatment plans to ensure that you get the best results. We use the latest technologies and techniques to deliver exceptional outcomes that exceed your expectations. So, if you're looking for reliable and effective face treatments, Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio is the perfect destination for you. Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation.

Your face is a reflection of your inner being. Aging stresses most of us, but it shouldn’t be so. As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic and fat deposits in some areas of your face and decreases in others. The sagging cheeks, excess skin at your lower jawline, deeper folds of skin from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth will slowly alter your appearance. A face lift is a surgical procedure to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance by elevating the skin and tightening the underlying tissues and muscles. A procedure which will help you look like a younger version of yourself!

We at Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio reverse the saggy appearance that comes with age with a youthful exuberance.

A facelift orrhytidectomy tackles aging signs around the cheeks, neck, and jawline. Unlike other non-surgical procedures, it penetrates the trouble areas by removing loose, saggy skin and elevating deeper layers of the face.

No two patients are alike in their treatments. We treat every individual with customized care and solutions tailored to their face. Our experts work with each client to enhance their beauty at their best.


One of the very first places which shows our age is the neck region. The fatty jowls, a “turkey wattle,” vertical banding and horizontal creases all together may make you look older than you actually are. A neck lift or or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves your neck contour and signs of ageing in the neck and jawline area. Neck lift is also a good solution when the neck area doesn't match the upper facial appearance and makes you appear like you have lost weight. You can get a great sense of refinement by achieving the naturally beautiful neckline you desire.

In a neck lift, the surgeon adjusts and reposition the skin and soft tissues of the neck. During the procedure, the surgeon carefully lifts the muscles of the neck and removes extra skin and fat. Usually the extra fat is removed through liposuction. With more significant signs of ageing, a more extensive procedure to tighten loose neck muscles and remove excess, sagging skin will be required. Then, the incisions are closed and a pressure dressing is applied around the operated area.

As the face and neck work together to create a person’s facial appearance,neck lift is usually combined with a face lift or is a part of face lift surgery for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. With the minimally invasive approach we follow, the scars are scanty, recovery is quick and we ensure a naturally balanced appearance.

The nose is often a neglected physical feature. Today, with celebrities popularizing the nose-job, rhinoplasty has become a popular surgery for correction of any defects. It can alter the length or width of your nose, reshape the tip, bridge, or nostrils, change the angle of your nose and upper lip, and straighten the nose. If you’re unhappy with your natural structure or suffered disfiguring from an accident, rhinoplasty can offer a safe solution to attain the desired look in harmony with the face.

At Sparha, our rhinoplasty procedures are sought-after by clients from across India. Our professional doctors at our clinic in Bangalore guide our clients through a comprehensive consultation on the advantages of the procedure.


Benefits of Rhinoplasty


You not only look and feel good, but it allows you to breathe easily. It improves overall well-being and confidence each time you look at your face in the mirror.

Rhinoplasty can:

  • Reduce the size or length of the nose
  • Remove or reduce any bumps on the bridge
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Reshape the tip of your nose
  • Narrow the nose if it’s too wide
  • Improving sleep and eliminating disorders

Additionally, it improves the shape, size, and symmetry of a person’s nose by balancing it with the face. Our skilled plastic surgeons deliver results to the satisfaction of the clients.

Chin correction may be recommended to patients undergoing rhinoplasty in order to achieve facial proportion, as the size of the chin may amplify or minimize the perceived size of the nose.


Pointy ears, or do you have ones that protrude outwards? Do these defects make you conscious about the shape of your ears? Do you want ears in perfect symmetry with the entire face?

Otoplasty or ear surgery repairs and rebuilds the external portion (auricle or pinna) to correct defects present since birth. It also tackles issues due to illness or trauma, like burns or accidents. Our procedures follow the latest, internationally recognized treatment delivered by an experienced team of plastic surgeons. We help you achieve the desired results and leave you confident and looking your radiant self. Get your customized consultation today. You can call our clinic to find a suitable appointment.

Ear surgery or ear reconstruction is a complex procedure that requires trained experts. Our skilled hands provide the best results in Bangalore. Otoplasty treats the following issues:

  • Underdeveloped ear
  • Missing ear
  • Damage due to burns or other trauma

If a part of the ear was removed during cancer treatment. 


Our eyes are the windows to our souls. With age, along with the face, the eyelids tend to lose shape due to a lack of structural support. It leads to the accumulation of excess fat under the eyes, leading to 'eye bags.' In extreme cases, the bulging fat may impede vision.

A successful Blepharoplasty at our expert clinic in Bangalore removes excess skin from the eyelids. After the procedure, our patients enjoy improved vision, decreased wrinkles around the eye, and fat removal. The patient looks rested and young. At Sparha, we believe in offering tailored procedures to suit your beautiful eyes.

Call for your appointment.

The media floods us with images of celebrities and models with luscious, full-bodied lips. Now, a symbol of youth and beauty, client’s desire lip augmentation treatments. However, age and unhealthy lifestyles like smoking may hamper our desired appearance. It may lead to narrow, thin lips. Lip Augmentation rejuvenates the lips, and treatment includes injectable fillers and synthetic implants. While fillers offer temporary results, implants provide enhanced lip volume for a long time. Book a free consultation to understand the process from our expert team.

It is an in-office procedure that include non-surgical methods like fillers or making small incisions in the lip or face for lasting results. Our lip augmentation procedures at Sparha are the latest advancements in the plastic surgery industry. We take our clients through step-by-step guided consultation on what’s in store.


What are the types of lip augmentation?


Lip augmentation has undergone tremendous change over the years. Technology introduced new types of procedures. These include:

Fat Grafting: Fat from others areas of the body like the stomach is purified and injected into your lips.

Lip Fillers: Our trained healthcare professional injects the lip filler or dermal filler into the required areas of the lips or the mouth. The fillers contain hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, etc.

Lip Implants: Small incisions in the lips are made to insert the implant.

Lip Lift: Here, the plastic surgeon removes the excess skin between your nose and upper lip.

Depending on the requirement, lip fillers may last six months, while lip lifts and lip implants are permanent. Fat grafting can remain for five years.


What is involved in the lip augmentation procedure?


Lip grafts or synthetic implants may require light sedation. All lip augmentation procedures don't require hospitalization, and patients return home on the same day. Depending on the type of treatment, we follow the mentioned procedures:

Lip Fillers: Our in-house health care expert will use a fine needle to inject the lips. The duration is from 8 to 30 minutes.

Fat Transfer: Since this method involves transfer of body fat, liposuction is done first, especially around the belly. The purified fat is then injected in the lips. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Lip Lift:The procedure takes about an hour. After the area is numbed using an anaesthetic, the surgeon removes a strip of the skin and lifts the upper lip. The incisions are stitched and closed.


Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, reshapes the chin through surgery. It is done either by placing an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. It helps balance the facial features perfectly, leaving you beautiful and confident. 

It can be performed on the lower jaw line and chin area to improve the proportions of the face. Your new look will boost your self-confidence and reduce anxiety. To maintain a balance of the face, the doctor may suggest rhinoplasty to accompany the mentoplasty procedure. If you want to understand the details of the surgery, book your consultation with our experts. 


What are the types of chin surgeries?


Depending on your facial requirement, the plastic surgeon may suggest either of the two surgeries.

Chin Augmentation/Implants: This helps augment an under-projected chin. This is done by placing the implant directly on the bone. A small incision inside the mouth or underneath the skin of the chin helps place the implant inside. The cut is closed with sutures post placement of the implant. A mild swelling may persist for a few days and patients can resume work within a week.

Chin Reduction: This type of surgery reduces an over-projected chin. It is done under a general anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure. After a small incision is made inside the mouth, the excess bone is removed and chin contoured to the required shape.