It is a general consensus that, “the hair is the richest ornament of women.” It is, indeed, true for the luscious locks that crown your lovely head, and alas, so untrue for the hair on many other parts of your body where it so dutifully abounds. The strict beauty standards that is prevalent among us in today’s society contributes all the more in making hair-removal a routine ceremony, especially by women and nowadays, even by men. Among a number of methods pertaining to hair removal, waxing is one. Waxing is a very favourable, cost-effective, longer-lasting and a quick method of removing such unwanted and unattractive body hair. One need not worry about hair growth till at least 3-6 weeks as it removes hair directly from the roots. Waxing can be used for removing hair from almost any part of the body. It is generally used for removing hair on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini line, and the chest and back. It is also used for removing hair on the face, including upper lips, eyebrows and chin.

Chocolate wax

Chocolate wax is a type of wax enriched with an abundance of natural ingredients, skin nourishing compounds, vitamins and minerals. It has become very popular nowadays, the reason being the fact that it is less painful and soothing than normal wax. It also causes minimal redness and rashes and is also a terrific sun tan remover. Chocolate wax has anti-inflammatory properties and is made out of ingredients which are skin-friendly. It also retains the re-growth of hair. Chocolates have always been the stress buster for women and with the advent of the chocolate wax, it has become a more desirable for many women who have had their share of pain and sting while waxing.However, it is difficult to locate a spa or a salon that offers chocolate waxing treatment, especially in India. But Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio is all geared up and available for you ladies to go enjoy a soothing chocolate waxing session.

Brazilian wax

Brazilian waxes are the most popular options when it comes to removing hair off your private area. It is a technique in which an aesthetician uses hot-wax to remove most of the pubic hair, sometimes all of them. It is generally agreed that the upkeep, the razor burn, the precision and the whole shebang is exhausting. This is where the concept of Brazilian waxing leaps in. Despite of being quiet painful, the Brazilian waxing has a number of benefits. It is not a very expensive method of hair removal therefore, quite cost-effective. It is also long lasting (about 4-7 weeks). After several sessions it also makes the hair that grows softer and sparser. However, as mentioned earlier, a salon rendering services pertaining to Brazilian waxing is also hard to find, especially in India. However, this problem is also solved as Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio renders this waxing treatment also, along with the Chocolate wax.

Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio

Waxing has become a “need to have“more than a “like to have”, says Bruce and it is true to some extent. Waxing is often times an intimate experience. Keeping that in mind, Sparha has a clean and comfortable environment to help the customers relax and feel at home during the service. To drive the point home, if you want to enjoy the sensation, attention and admiration that a silky, smooth, hairless and glowing skin inevitably attracts, no matter the body part, Sparha is the best place you can go to for a clean, comfortable and an excellent service rendered by promising and excellent aestheticians making Sparha one of the best abode for customers seeking wellness and treatment.

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