Stem Cell Treatment

How Stem cell therapy is done for hair regrowth?

Hair loss or damaged hair is a huge depressing factor for many. When you have you tried all home remedies to reduce hair loss but nothing has worked so far, it is important to explore different options, one being the hugely popular stem cell treatment. At Sparha, we specialize in hair loss and provide stem cell treatment to men and women who suffer from hair loss. Stem cell treatment is a revolutionary method used for curing all hair loss problems. This treatment is non-surgical and very efficient to stimulate and regrow hair follicles.

Stem cells are totipotent having the potential to develop into different types of cells in the body during early life and growth. During cell division, each new daughter cell has the potential to either remain as a stem cell or become another more specialized cell based on the requirement in any part of the body. Hair growth treatment involves the replenishment o the lost stem cells.

Is stem cell therapy for hair effective?

Stem cell treatment is a ground breaking hair loss treatment for hair growth. The stem cells encourage new hair growth within 3-4 months of treatment. The hair follicles include stem cells in the centre of the follicle and these cells constantly supply cells for the fast development of hair cells. These stem cells when lost lead to baldness in both males and females. Stem cell therapy stimulates dead hair follicles stimulating hair loss and improving hair density. It promotes hair regeneration by healing all kinds of scalp disorders. It nourishes the nutrient deficient and miniaturized hair follicles, stimulating the stem cells to produce a new matrix of cells. The treatment enhances the formation and development of strong terminal hair. Stem cell therapy has developed to be the preferred choice of treatment for those suffering from hair loss problems. The first step of treatment is the collection of some hair follicles which is then processed and cultured in a lab to produce more stem cells. After a few days, the processed hair is inserted onto your scalp.


Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment

  • Stem cell treatment promotes hair restoration through healing any kind of scalp disorders.
  • Damaged follicles can prevent new hair from growing. Stem cells can be used to stimulate the cells which help in growing new hair from follicles when transplanted onto the scalp.
  • It promotes hair growth and fights baldness.
  • This therapy also improves the quality and texture of hair.
  • Once you have undergone this therapy, you will not encounter hair loss problems again.
  • This therapy is safe and has no side effects.

Stem Cell Therapy at Sparha Wellness Studio

Stem cell treatment has quickly developed to be the preferred choice of treatment for hair loss. Sparha is a holistic, multidisciplinary wellness clinic which offers complete and effective means for treating hair loss problems of our clients. We aim to provide high quality therapies tailored to their specific requirements. With highly qualified doctors, professionals and advanced equipments, Sparha has become the best centre for patients in need of wellness and treatment. Our purpose is to make you look and feel your best, inside and out.

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