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Are you having a tough time dealing with your friends, colleagues or loved ones due to hair loss or thin hair? Are you tired of trying new and costly hair products to regain your healthy and thick hair?If you are one amongst them who get ignored or rejected just because you have less hair then it will good if you try other options like PRP treatment at Sparha. It is very natural and reliable as well as cost effective and which will also help you bring back your original look. With healthy and glowing hair you will get confidence as well as the attention of your friends and loved ones who had been ignoring you earlier.

PRP treatment

How is PRP Treatment Done?

PRP treatment ,also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a very reliable, safe and nonsurgical technique which helps your hair grow by injecting your own platelet rich plasma into your scalp. Then , your own growth factors help your hair to grow naturally. It contributes to restore your hair showing very natural results.This procedure can be opted by both the genders. This technique uses non-surgical, very natural medical advancements which make use of patient's blood itself and shows almost no side effects. So, this treatment is a good method to restore your lost confidence giving you the gift of healthy ,thick and glowing hair. Moreover, the PRP treatment is extremely budget-friendly at Sparha.
In PRP therapy, blood is first collected from the patient and centrifuged, and only those plasma cells which have a higher amount of growth factors are injected into your scalp. This stimulates faster hair growth. It basically follows healing mechanism by allowing the metabolically inactive area to regain its activity and thus helping your hair to grow. Several growth factors like cytokinins are involved in this process. It is a new and developing technology and is gaining quite a popularity.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is a modern and innovative technique. It is gaining popularity these days as the advancements of technology are pacing at a high speed.
1. It is a very natural and hassle free procedure.
2. It is non-surgical, modern technique enhancing your hair growth using your own blood cells.
3. Almost no side effects.
4. Recovery is fast.
5. You will have beautiful, thick hair and thus very commendable results.
6. It is pocket-friendly and not very expensive.

Why choose Sparha?

Forget about your everyday hair worries and try this effective therapy at Sparha. It is very natural, safe and reliable. Gift of healthy and glowing hair is not very far. If you are not willing to undergo any painful surgical procedure ,then this is the apt treatment for you. At Sparha , qualified doctors and a team of experts work together to provide you with the best of technologies science has to offer. PRP treatment works on the principle of natural healing of tissues .The expert team at Sparha work together to provide you a head full of healthy hair without any scar or stitches .Advanced techniques are used to provide you the best and give you a boon of beautiful hair.

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