Have you tried a number of options for getting rid of that excessive fat from your body, or tried a range of cosmetic products for attaining that perfect look and still haven’t received any positive results?. Then Mesotherapy is surely the option for you. It is a non- surgical cosmetic solution for dealing with all your body related problems viz: getting rid of cellulite, face rejuvenation, body contouring and many others. Previously people used to opt for Liposuction for getting the desired look but as it was relatively expensive and painful, Mesotherapy was developed was an alternate for liposuction. It is less expensive and less painful, compared to Liposuction.


How it works

Mesotherapy requires injecting some FDA approved medicines, vitamins and minerals. These are introduced directly into the layer of fat and tissue, known as mesoderm that lies just beneath the skin. The uses of contents that are injected vary according to the respective cases and according to the area which is being treated. Mesotherapy also assists in replenishing hair loss in both men and women. It is less painful as anesthetic creams are applied to the specified area before injecting minerals, vitamins and FDA approved medicines. Mesotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself in the specified area which has been treated. Why you should opt for Mesotherapy and not Liposuction. But it is advisable to get it done from a place where such therapies have been done before successfully.

Mesotherapy or Liposuction

Though both Mesotherapy and Liposuction serves almost the same purpose still there are few factors that distinct both the treatments. Mesotherapy is comparatively less expensive and also causes less pain when compared to Liposuction. One may feel pain even after the Liposuction surgery, during healing days which is not the case with Mesotherapy. Also you won’t find any virtual scar’s or bruises after Mesotherapy, but the case is just opposite when it comes to Liposuction. After taking rest for few hours, an individual can get back to his normal daily routine as sedation does not occur necessarily after Mesotherapy. But an individual needs to take rest and cannot resume his daily activities the same day due to the pain that is felt even after Liposuction. All these reasons are enough to help you out while deciding whether you should opt for Mesotherapy or Liposuction.

Why choose Sparha for Mesotherapy?

Since Mesotherapy requires the application of various FDA-approved medicines, vitamins and minerals through a series of injections, it is highly recommended that you approach a renowned wellness studio, which carries out such treatments under the supervision of professionals having adequate knowledge in the relevant area. Sparha Spa and Salon is the obvious choice in this regard as the studio has a holistic culture and is using high-end equipment with advanced technology. These are being operated by professionals who know the technical knowhow and the correct way to use them. Hence your safety and satisfaction both are guaranteed. There are eminent dermatologists, who are very much helpful in clearing all your doubts before you go ahead with your therapy.

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