Laser Hair Removal

Are you feeling tired of shaving and waxing to remove unwanted facial hair? Are you afraid that acne might break out or razor bumps may form due to waxing? Then, you aren’t alone. Many people find it time-consuming and difficult to keep up a hairless body. Many of them even perform several treatments throughout their whole lives to fulfill the desire of having a smooth hairless skin.

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Are you ready to part with all those problems you have faced and want a smooth skin? So, Sparha is here who will be your companion to solve your hair removal problem. All credit goes to the advanced technology that Sparha has brought with itself. Laser Hair Removal treatment is the latest cosmetic procedure commonly practiced for removal of unwanted hair from the face, leg, arm, underarm, chest, shoulder, back, bikini line and other areas of the body. Sparha provides various types of laser treatments depending on your need.

laser hair removal bangalore

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatment is a medical procedure that uses highly concentrated lasers to target the roots of hair just under the surface of the skin. The laser beam passes through the hair follicles without damaging the tissue. Pulsating beam destroys the hair follicle inhibiting future hair growth. Though Laser Hair Removal treatment reduces hair growth, it needs a series of sessions for permanent hair removal which depends on your complexion, hair colour and hair thickness. At Sparha, dermatologists will examine your skin and hair quality and prescribe which particular type of laser treatment will suit you. Laser Hair Removal treatment is absolutely painless and has no side effects. During the consultation, your dermatologist at Sparha will guide you through the entire process and also let you know the pros and cons.

How Laser Hair Removal works?

At Sparha, different types of laser treatments are followed by the dermatologists, which vary from person to person. Both doctors and patients are given their respective eye protection glasses to protect their eyes from the powerful laser beam.

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A gel is used on the treatment area of the patient to protect the skin. Technicians will give a pulse of the laser on the treatment area and observe for a while to ensure the best set of beams and check for any side-effects before the final treatment. After completion of the treatment, you will be provided ice pack and anti-inflammatory creams to soothe the operated area. The laser hair removal cost varies with the number of treatments required, the area where the treatment is done and time needed for each session. However, Sparha provides an affordable budget and at the same time assures it clients about the success of the treatment.

Why will you chose Sparha for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio provides FDA approved technology, best dermatologists, best technicians. Sparha also provides Finest Diode Laser machine of world class brand Salaria and Suprano for Laser Hair Removal treatment. Are you embarrassed due to the presence of dark, bushy hair on your chest or bothered by the presence of hair on your armpits? Then stop worrying about such petty matters when Sparha is here to solve all your problems with its laser hair removal treatment. Come to Sparha and gain a new confidence.

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:- Namrata Mishra

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