Hair Transplant for Hair Restoration

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a method which involves the surgical removal of hair follicles from the part of the body, which is known as "donor site" to the "recipient site", which is the region of hair loss in the body. It is the most lucrative technique of hair restoration till date.

Which is the best method for hair transplant?

There are mainly two methods through which the hair restoration procedure takes place. They are:

FUT Hair Transplant [Follicular Unit Transplantation Method] :

During this method of practice, the single follicular units are taken from the donor sites under the influence of anesthesia with the help of micro-blades.

FUE Hair Transplant [Follicular Unit Extraction Method ]

During this method of practice, the parts of the skin with the superior quality of hair from the back of the head are taken and planted on the recipient on the banding sites. It leaves no scars on your head.

Why Hair Transplant? How successful is a hair transplant?

Let’s say, hair fall is the biggest problem an individual can face about his/her appearance. Is there anyone who will contradict that? Certainly not. Hair fall is a nuisance that almost all of us experience post our adulthood. There is no doubt that a full head of hair is a key factor that plays a role in your charming personality. It boosts your confidence and contributes towards a fantastic approach of your own self.


However, when the adulthood sets in and hair fall becomes a daily problem, you start browsing through malls and magazines to find the best hair products that will reduce your hair fall problem. But do they work? In almost all cases, the answer is nugatory. Market products which promise to reduce hair fall, are full of chemicals and they succeed in doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do. So, you start losing more hair than before.

As a result, your baldness starts to become prominent, making your confidence level to take a huge dip. A word of advice, do not waste your time on these devious products and rather, invest your time in finding a permanent and a reliable solution to your hair loss and baldness. Hair fall is not something that you can actually stop. Mainly because, in today’s day and age, with so much pollution in the air and the harmful chemical induced hair products that we use, hair fall is apparent.

hair transplant in bangalore

While medicines and treatments are there to slow down the process but as stated, hair fall cannot be stopped completely; but just because it cannot be stopped completely doesn't mean it is something which cannot be dealt. With the advancement of science and technology, almost all of the problems can be dealt with through new and highly effective methods. One of these methods and the most significant one to tackle the problem of hair loss is Hair Transplant.

Is a hair transplant permanent? Why Hair Transplant at Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio?

Hair Transplant surgeries are the permanent and most reliable resolution for hair loss. Hair transplant is a totally harmless procedure. With more than the majority of people suffering from hair loss and people going bald day by day, Hair transplantation is just the perfect solution. If you are searching for the best hair transplantation clinic, what better a place than Sparha. With the best and the most trusted professionals and experts, and the most well equipped and internationally acclaimed facilities Sparha provides you with the most cost-effective and best results in cosmetic surgeries. Sparha is the most trustworthy name in the field of Hair Transplant. 

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