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Are you tired of hair fall? Tired of using all the remedies required to stop hair fall? Are you even tired of using natural ways suggested by grandparents? Usage of different hair care products leads to irritation. If you have tried all possible ways to beat hair fall and got no effective results but all that you are left with very is thin hair or some portions of your head have gone bald. You need not worry anymore! Here at, we understand how important hair is to anybody! We also understand not all of our skin is as blessed and might be allergic to various hair products or treatments. also values every customer’s time and wealth. Thus keeping all the above points in mind, Sparha brings you a solution to baldness and ensure that your hair looks as thick as ever. Sparha brings you Hair patches & wigs- the most convenient, easy, cost-effective and time-saving way to cover up those areas of your head that were long exposed. Hair patches and wigs are very fashionable yet so effective and glams up your hair, face and day instantly!

If you ever felt or dreamt of styling and jazzing your hair every few months but couldn't possibly do so just because of your thin hair problem then Sparha is the right place for you! Using hair patches and wigs you get a new look beside hiding your baldness and thin hair. So dump all your worries regarding your thin hair, just step forward and book your day with Sparha and choose from the wide range of wigs and hair patches.

Wondering what the difference between hair patch and a wig is? Which one is suitable for you? The basic difference between a hair patch and a wig is the area that they cover. Hair patch is concerned only with a limited area of your head whereas a hair wig will cover one's entire head. Also a hair patch involves glue or tape.

Quick steps to choose between a Hair Patch and Wig

1. If you have very thin hair and wish to make them look voluminous, then a wig is your go.
2. If you wish to hide just specific regions of baldness, then hair patch is the solution to your problem. One can also opt for a wig to hide baldness but if one has thick hair and then sudden regions of baldness or thin hair then hair patch is highly recommended over a wig.
3. If one wants to get the look besides just hiding one's baldness or volumizing one's hair then definitely one of the wigs at Sparha is just meant for them.


1. Pocket friendly
2. Time saving
3. Quick and easy solution to baldness and thin hair problem.
4. Gives you a new look
5. Solves one's problem in a fashionable way.
6. No side effects, whatsoever!
7. Easy to manage.

Why Sparha?

Sparha provides a wide range of wigs and types of hair patches to choose from and is cost-effective. Sparha gives out their best services and treats all customers equally. One will never regret rooting for Sparha.


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