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Finally your D -Day is here ! You are getting married to the love of your life ! Wouldn't you want to look the best on one of the most important days of your life? Wouldn't you want to impress your love by looking like the prince charming of her dreams right out of a fairy tale? Well , when women get dressed up so beautifully and pamper themselves with all those luxuries at the salon before their wedding day , why should you stand out ? Pamper yourself and go for a make over with the help of Sparha which brings to you a wide range of services for “Grooming”. Walnut body polishing , Male manicure and pedicure , Hair spa , Skin lightening treatment, Natural look male makeup are the services provided by Sparha to make you look super cool Groom on your wedding day. EXPLORE these range of options at Sparha look the best on your special day .

Get the best make- up for your wedding only at Sparha. The services which it offers are :

  • Walnut Body Polishing :
    This type of treatment is especially for those who have dry or tanned skin. Luxurious walnuts along with gentle massage and scrubbing are used for cleaning the skin impurities and help you relax. Thus, leaving you a healthy, glowing and softer skin with a lighter tone.
  • Male Manicure and Pedicure :
    Sparha provides services to nurture and rejuvenate those stressed and overworked hands of yours to make them look healthier and younger. Manicure and pedicure nourishes your nails with nutrient-rich products along with a gentle massage to make them softer. It helps cleaning the dead tissues around your nails and gives it a fresher look by soaking them in warm water. Thus, Sparha makes your fingernails and toenails party ready with its range of male manicure and pedicure products!
  • Hair Spa :
    Nourish your hair with nutrient rich products, followed by a gentle and exfoliating massage which soothes and relaxes your mind and soul as well. Hair spa is a new technique which causes rebirth of your hair. It makes your hair look thicker and glowing. Apart from making your hair look great, a hair spa makes you feel refreshed and energetic. So before your wedding day, make sure you have a hair spa at Sparha which will make you look even more handsome with a head full of bouncy, thick and glowing hair.
  • Skin Lightening Technique :
    Are you worried about your sun-tanned face on the day when you tie the knot? Sparha comes to your rescue! Remove the tan and lighten your skin tone at Sparha with quality products and expert beauticians who work to bring out your original fair and glowing skin hidden behind the sun tanned skin and dead tissues.
  • Natural look Male Makeup
    Sparha brings to you natural male makeup which brightens your skin and gives you the perfect look on your wedding day. With a team of experienced and talented make-up artists and stylists you get the absolutely natural yet charming look.

Why Sparha?
Sparha has a variety of products and a range of options as well as trained beauticians, stylists and an expert team who work whole – heartedly to nurture your skin, hair and body. Sparha has a promising team of people who are very dedicated and provide you with the “Groomibg” you need. Sparha provides you with the best of products and best of experience to make your special day more memorable.

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I went Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio for acne skin treatment. Their pumpkin peel & other Demat procedure helped me in getting rid of acne.
:- Namrata Mishra

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