An evenly toned complexioned skin, perfectly contoured structured face, winged eyelashes, beautiful eyebrows, highlighted cheekbones - who doesn't like makeup? Makeup helps one in enhancing their natural facial features. But while we are covering our face in layers of makeup, one thing that we don't realize is that we are causing harm to our tender skin with these myriad cosmetics containing various harsh chemicals. Above that, the harmful pollutants present in the air and the contaminated water doesn't help in any way in improving the condition of our skin. The most remarkable setback of all this is that an unhealthy skin unlike a healthy skin, when exposed in the sun, cannot produce Vitamin D, which is very important for our body. Having a healthy skin is important to one not only for the sake of external appearance but also because skin performs many vital functions of the body. Thus it is very important for one to take proper care of their skin and Facials are the best way of mmaintaining one's skin health.

A facial is a complete combination of skin care regime for the face which includes steam, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels and massage. You might merely take pleasure in the pampering as well as relaxation you are feeling when getting a facial therapy, but a few large number of other advantages that offer a person and your pores and skin health and fitness. Most facials try to deliver the following:

Exfoliation: The dead epithelial cells are effaced which makes one's skin softer and can restore a glow. It varies from gentle (e.g. with a scrub or mild fruit acid peel) to more intensive (e.g. with microdermabrasion or a concentrated acid peel).

Cleaning pores: This process might be considered to be the most important aspect of skincar and facials. Ifone's pores are clean,one is less likely to get acne or unsightly blackheads. The exfoliation process will help loosen blocked pores. This material is very precisely then squeezed out.

Moisturizing: A hydrated skin stays healthy and looks young. After the "stress" inflicted by exfoliation and cleansing, this will help calm your skin. A moisturizer containing retinol, fruit acid or vitamin will help keep pores clean.

Finding the kind of facial you would like depends upon what you are thinking about and also on your budget. Some face treatments are created to deep-clean your skin, while some offer treatment benefits, but still others assist to reduce pressure, which frequently causes acne breakouts. One can choose from a great diversity of facials and go for the one which is best suited for them like:

Luxury facial : This is a treat for your skin . A deep cleanse is followed by an exfoliation. Then your face is gently massaged and a mask is then applied followed by a scalp, arm, neck and shoulder massage leaving a luminous, clear and pure complexion.

Premium facial : This pampering facial package incorporates a range of customized premium products and includes a skin consultation, double cleanse, exfoliation, neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage, mask plus daily skincare specific to your needs.

Basic facial: A basic facial helps to remove the blackheads and whiteheads from the face, reduces tanning and also removes dirt from the face.

Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio

Facial can be a blessing for your skin if you are in the right hands and who else can be better than Sparha? With the best and the most trusted professionals and experts, and the most well equipped and internationally acclaimed facilities Sparha provides you with the most cost effective and best results in cosmetic services. Sparha is the most trustworthy name in the field of Skin Care.



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I went Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio for acne skin treatment. Their pumpkin peel & other Demat procedure helped me in getting rid of acne.
:- Namrata Mishra

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