The common girl power mantra these days is to support a girl doing whatever she wants as long as she feels confident and feels good about herself. But, whether people admit or not, the quest for fair skin continues driven by the human ideology that is biased towards fair skin tone. Factors like sun damage, pollution, pimple, acne and pigmentation often makes our skin dark and dull. Prolonged exposure to sunlight creates uneven patches over the skin, especially on our face and arms.T here is no more the need to worry about such problems as Sparha offers a range of skincare routines to fix them. The make-up services of Sparha are also there to make you look special on your special day.

Clean Ups

No make-up can make you look good if you have a dried up skin but a quick clean-up before doing the actual make-up can give you a glowing skin. Whether you have an oily skin or a dry skin, clean-ups can give you a naturally healthy-looking skin. Sparha gives various clean-up services like express whitening, dry & oily, rose & mint and also kiwi & mango.


Sparha's makeup services are available for weddings, sangeets, receptions, engagements, parties and various other occasions. Thus if you have any special occasion knocking at your door where you need to look your best and stand out in the crowd then just leave it on the makeup experts at Sparha and all that you'll be left to do is wear your shoes and walk in style!

Nail Art

Nail art is an artistic approach to beautify your nails. It can be done both on your fingernails as well as toenails. It is done by painting a variety of designs or by using stickers which gives your nails a new and glamorous look. Nail art is usually done after manicures and pedicures which removes any dirt around them and makes them soft and healthy. Nail art is gaining popularity at a fast pace. People are now becoming more inclined towards those pretty designs which make you feel good about yourself and boosts up your confidence. Beautiful nails give you the touch of feminity and also identified in a certain way. A different woman has different choices and thus use of different colours and shapes on their nails gives them a uniqueness. With a wide range of tools and trained beauticians, Sparha provides you with the best service. Your nails get a dream to make over which you were looking for. Variety of stickers glitters ; designs like dots, waves, stripes etc are used to make your nails look beautiful.


Bleaching is a depigmentation treatment to remove dark spots caused by ageing, blemishes, hormonal changes and exposure to the sun. Bleaching creams are applied based on the skin type to the affected area or hyperpigmented areas - parts of the body or face visibly darker than others which uniforms the skin tone. The trouble-free and easy procedure of bleaching has become a favourite among the customers of Sparha and has left them satisfied mostly showing positive results.

Why choose Sparha?

Sparha is the ultimate stopover for wellness care in Bangalore. The team of qualified doctors ensure utmost care and best results for their customers who are constantly under professional surveillance. With careful vigilance over their treatment procedures and qualified professionals, Sparha has opened up a new horizon in the expanse of wellness care not only in Bangalore but all over India.



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I went Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio for acne skin treatment. Their pumpkin peel & other Demat procedure helped me in getting rid of acne.
:- Namrata Mishra

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