Breast lift

Breast Lift Or Mastopexy is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts.

Several factors such as pregnancy, nursing, age and gravity take their toll on the breasts – the skin elasticity is lost, it may lose its sheen and smoothness, breast tissue volume decreases and the breasts do not retain their shape and firmness.

 As a result of all these changes, some women may find their breasts have sagged, losing their previous fullness or shape.



This is called Breast Ptosis. It could be a True Ptosis where the breast gland has sagged down or it could be a Pseudo Ptosis which is more because of skin laxity.

Often many of these women don’t want a breast augmentation but would like the sagging breasts corrected. This is where Mastopexy Breast Lift has its role. But, if the volume of breast tissue lost is significant, breast implants can be inserted simultaneously along with a Breast Lift Surgery.

A common rule of thumb to know if one needs an augmentation plus lift or only a lift is , if a woman feels happy with the size of the breasts when wearing the bra she does not need an augmentation and only a lift will suffice. But, if she feels that the bra feels empty, then she is a candidate for an augmentation with a lift.

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