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Mesotherapy at Sparha: A wellness and beauty solution

Posted On 14/12/2017

A chunk of youth population today grapples with obesity and overweight issues arising from the shift in lifestyle and eating habits. The odd working hours and undesirable eating habits that include junk foods and soft drinks on the menu are key factors responsible for this menace. The easy access to comforts in life, desk-bound job, and last but not least the complete lack of physical activity result in overweight or obesity. Many forms of interventions to treat obesity are practiced today, invasive as well as non-invasive.

Mesotherapy: Alternate Treatment for weight loss to invasive treatment

Earlier, people suffering from overweight used to opt for liposuction which is a surgical treatment for reducing fat. Alternatively, different methods of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments have been tested, approved and introduced in western countries. Mesotherapy is a form of minimally invasive treatment that is slowly gaining currency in India not only for weight loss but also for facial rejuvenation. Mesotherapy was developed in France in the year 1952 as an alternative medicine for weight loss by Doctor Michel Pistor.

 Mesotherapy: Procedure and results

The procedure involves injecting very fine needles to administer FDA approved medicines into the mesoderm, a layer of fat beneath the skin. This medication conducted over multiple sessions would improve the blood circulation and melt the fat thereby reducing fat. Fats on all parts of the body, including trunks, arms, legs, abdomen and the stubborn fat that refuses to go could be treated using mesotherapy. The treatment to produce best results, it is suggested to be accompanied by a diet plan and routine exercise in order to stop gaining weight in future. The medication used in mesotherapy could vary depending on the condition that is treated, whether its cellulite or fat. Mesotherapy could be used to treat hair loss, ankle sprain, Bell’s palsy, bursitis, fibromyalgia among other conditions. The most commonly used medicines injected with this treatment are Aminophyine, enzymes, vitamins, etc.

Advantages of mesotherapy

1) It is a minimally invasive form of treatment.

2) Less pain as the injections use fine thin needles.

3) The treatment does not leave behind scars on the skin.

4) Negligible recovery period compared to liposuction as this is a non-invasive treatment.

Sparha: Experienced hand in Mesotherapy

Sparha is wellness studio situated in the heart of Bangalore which is fast finding favor as a provider of ultimate wellness and beauty solutions. They have at their pedestal expert dermatologists and supporting staff to help you smoothly sail through the treatment sessions. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and exquisitely designed spa rooms matching international standards they are the most sought-after name in the wellness industry.

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