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Hair loss: Transformation through FUT

Posted On 25/06/2018
It is a common sight in offices to see young people complaining about receding hair. Hair fall has become very common now among all age groups. In that sense, hair takes a pride place in our physiology giving a youthful gait to people approaching mid ReadMore

Understanding the difference between Botox & Dermal fillers

Posted On 09/03/2018
pigmentationWith regards to the battle against fine lines there are apparently unlimited alternatives for giving a youthful look to your face. Now, you could fix signs of your aging around your mouth and eyes? You might feel that Botox is the only op ReadMore

Mesotherapy at Sparha: A wellness and beauty solution

Posted On 14/12/2017
A chunk of youth population today grapples with obesity and overweight issues arising from the shift in lifestyle and eating habits. The odd working hours and undesirable eating habits that include junk foods and soft drinks on the menu are key facto ReadMore

Sparha – in the glory of its fourth anniversary

Posted On 16/10/2017
It’s been four years since we stepped up into this field of beauty and we cherish every second of it. It’s a great deal of pride and heart brimming joy that we at Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio announce our fourth anniversary in this gli ReadMore

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